Mass-Com Kenya Limited has been operating in Kenya for Over 15yrs.

Mass-Com Kenya Limited is a group of journalists who have worked in local and international media houses before regrouping to start an independent media that deals with organizations directly.
As a group, we specialize in Events coverage (Photography & Video), documentary productions, TV commercial & advertisement. We also help in buying of media space and air time.
Having worked in the main stream media houses before, our crew is competent, highly equipped with the required skills and responds to your needs in any setting, however urgent the situation is.

Our fast experience in the local and international media has given us an added advantage in meeting our clients’ demands.
We handle events from coverage to publications.

Our Corporate Structure

In line with our work philosophy of ensuring high standards of service delivery, Mass-Com Kenya Limited exists on the association of five core semi-autonomous units as here shown that respond directly to the Managing Consultant which is geared towards maximizing our human resource base.
1. Corporate communications and branding unit
2. Media Support & Media consultancy Solutions unit
3. Training, Research & Technical Skills Development unit
4. Concepts Development & public relations designs unit
5. Project profiling/documentation unit.

How we work

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