Co-op Bank strike deal with Toyota Kenya to offer comfort cars to customers


The Cooperative Bank has entered into partnership with Toyota Kenya to offer comfort cars to its customers.

The bank is offering 90 per cent financing for the car within a 48-month payment period.

“Luxury meets comfort. Access up to 90% financing from Co-operative Bank of Kenya for the Toyota vehicle you require to cater for your personal or business needs. You will also enjoy a 48-month payment period”, the offer says in part.

The Toyota Vehicles on offer include, Suzuki, Hino and Yamaha. “Whether you need a car for your business or personal use, we’ve got your back!”

In an effort to spur business take off and growth from the adverse negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy, Co-operative Bank of Kenya will extend a KShs. 500,000 working Capital Loan without additional security to the successful applicants of the Toyota Hilux range in addition to providing a 2-month (60-day) grace period.




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