Journalist Talam takes Charge of DP Anti-Corruption Team

Deputy President William Ruto./FILE
The latest high profile arrests of Parastatal CEOs has rocked Deputy President William Ruto’s backyard, forcing the DP and his strategists to move quickly to shift perception that the anti- graft war is slowly but surely starting to point in his direction.
Journalist Emmanuel Talam , a back room operative of Rift Valley politics and failed aspirant for the MP position in Nandi constituency has been tasked to lead the Public Relations (PR) counter- assault intended to muddy the waters and ensure that it’s not only the DP’s perceived allies who are named in corruption scandals currently rocking the country.
Talam leads a team of PR gurus incorporating well known journalists from some dailies who have been quiet supporters of Mr. Ruto. The likes of Mathenge, Evelyn Mutune and others have been roped in to the web.
Their target:- attack those perceived to be closest to President Kenyatta and drag their names in to scandal at every possible opportunity.
They hope by so doing, the President will go slow on graft and stop the impeding arrest of a high profile aid of the DP.
Fingered for persecution and possible extortion  is President Kenyatta’s brother , Muhoho and sister Nyokabi. The team is working daily and round the clock to influence media stories and manufacture fake “ scandal” exposes . This is the same team that worked overnight to hide the role of well connected allies of the DP to the sugar scandals. They have since been cornered.
Their day nightmare become apparent when a tough talking President dressed in top military gear during Jamhuri Day celebrations at Nyayo National Stadium warned that the graft war was unstoppable.
It is said a close ally to the DP could be locked up on 14th December 2018.
It remains to be seen whether they will be convincing enough to hoodwink the public.

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