Keep off Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo, Former Kitui one term Governor Malombe told

It is now clear that among the known three contestants in the Kitui gubernatorial seat Kiema Kilonzo is the man to watch come 2022.

This has come out clearly when the former governor Julius Malombe this week hosted a group of people from Kitui South at his home with only agenda of attacking Kiema through his mouth piece and activist for hire Katiwa who is well know of hurling unprintable insults to anyone who does not support Malombe.

The question is, Why would Malombe call a meeting and make Kiema Kilonzo the subject yet Charity Ngilu is the sitting governor of Kitui county?

Malombe knows clearly Ngilu has lost touch with the people and the main threat he has is Kiema Kilonzo who is very close to Wiper Leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

Malombe is using his goon and illiterate Katiwa to hurl insults to Kiema Kilonzo which is a clear indication that Kiema is the man to watch. Ngilu’s bloggers have of late been attacking the Ambassador also an indication that she see him as a threat to her in 2022.

Kitui electorate should learn time has come to do away with aging politician.

Ngilu and Malombe, the two oldies who will be in their 70’s and 80’s know Kiema who will be at his 50’s will be the choice of all. Already are now working with him throwing one of the biggest challenge to them ahead of 2022.

Malombe having failed Wiper party by coming a distant third in 2017 race even after having the right party in Kitui and all the state machinery and personel, Wiper loyalists/supporters have vowed to make sure he never gets the Wiper ticket, but instead have Kiema be the wiper candidate as he is the only person who can face and defeat Ngilu.

“Malombe is too soft togo against Ngilu and we saw it in 2017, he also does not associate with the local mwananchi and we know this, on the other hand Ngilu is just but a politician and very poor on service delivery, she has done nothing but looted our monies through proxy projects” said one of the wiper loyalists Mutua from Mwingi West.

.”The people of Kitui need change and they shall not accept Malombe nor Ngilu. They want Kiema who is both a tecnocrat and can interact with the locals and he is a performer as we can see his works since he was the MP for Kitui east constituency. Kiema defended his people and the Kamba community at large very well in parliament and in national politics. Now that he is with Kalonzo we shall support and vote for him come 2022. These other two pretenders should go home for good as they are both old and have failed Kitui county” Mutua said.

It is during Malombe’s agendaless meeting some of the people were heard complaining why Malombe would call them to discuss Kiema instead of telling them what he plans to do for the county. Several of them vowed never to associate themselves with such a person who is full of doubts and godly characters. A stun warning has been send to him to keep off Kiema Kilonzo and deal with his endless problems without involving him.


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