Makueni County Assembly pass 2018 Finance Bill

Members of the County Assembly have on Thursday passed the Makueni County Finance Bill with amendments that include the imposition of fees, charges, licenses and rents or rates for services.

The debate and eventual passing of the bill was spearheaded by the Speaker Douglas Mbilu (pictured)

The bill introduces zoning i.e categorizing fees and charges according to business geographical location and economic potential.

According to the zoning,Urban areas therefore include; Wote, Emali, Makindu, Mtito Andei and Kibwezi towns: Peri- urban areas include; Sultan Hamud, Salama, Malili, Nunguni, Mukuyuni, Kilala, Kikima, Mbumbuni, Kathonzweni, Kambu, Machinery, Kiundwani and Tawa while rural areas comprises of all other markets in the County.

Some of the amendments in the Bill include;
Commercial Miraa/Muguka farming per Acre – will be charged -Ksh.10,000
Power/Hand saw permit per saw/year- 20,000
Sawmill permit per year – 100,000

Under research data information, students (Makuenian) per instance will be free while non- residents will be charged- 1000 and others (Non- students)- 3,000.

Other charges include;
Miraa per kiosk (daily) – 500
Miraa/Muguka per pickup (per day) – 5,000
Miraa/Muguka per probox (per day) – 5000
Miraa/Muguka per basin (per day) – 500

The Bill also provides that any person found pulling or pushing materials may it be poles,timber,metal rods etc. with a motorcycle,cart or vehicle(causing damage to the road) will be charged Ksh. 3000 per incidence.

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