iguna Miguna at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport after he was denied entry upon his arrival from Canada on March 27, 2018/File


Thirdway Alliance has unveiled exiled and fiery lawyer Miguna Miguna as the party’s candidate for the Nairobi governor by-election.

This comes a week after Miguna had on December 19 announced his interest to run for Nairobi governor’s seat moments after the IEBC set the date for the by-election.

In a statement, the party’s national chairman Miruru Waweru said Miguna is the best bet to reclaim the capital city from what he described as ineptitude.

Waweru said the forthcoming by-election scheduled for February 18 offers Nairobi residents an opportunity to correct ‘one of the greatest political mistakes of our generation.’

“Nairobi deserves leadership devoid of ineptitude, unbridled lust and gluttony for public resources which has defined it for the last eight years,” said Waweru.

According to the Thirdway Alliance chairman, the firebrand lawyer who has had run-ins with the state over his citizenship, to the bankrupt leadership which he said has deprived Nairobi residents the most basic of services and dignity is the right man for the job.

“To reclaim this city Dr Miguna offers his candidature in the upcoming by-election,” Waweru said adding that Miguna is the answer for the troubled capital city given his past sacrifices of the country.

He went on: “As his Trademark, Miguna’s candidature is not separate from the virtues that he has fought for and which remain the defining hallmark of his public and private life.”

Waweru said Miguna is the right choice because he has consistently fought for including integrity, visionary and transformative leadership, elimination of corruption and development for all.

“It is, therefore, a great honour for the Thirdway Alliance Kenya to unveil Miguna Miguna as its candidate for this by-election,” the party said.

The party said it shares in the common belief that Nairobi and Kenya can longer be entrusted in the hands of a corrosive cartel of plunders and a criminal enterprise.

“It is time to drain this swamp of bad leadership and dismantle this rogue cartel haemorrhaging Nairobi,” Waweru said in the statement released on Monday.

Thirdway Alliance Kenya has appealed to state agencies including the electoral commission to respect previous court rulings that affirmed Miguna’s Kenyan citizenship.

Miguna had previously said he was ready to run as governor of Nairobi through social media.

“Having received competent legal advice from Waikwa Wanyoike on December 19, 2020, I, Miguna Miguna, a Kenyan citizen by birth and registered voter in Nairobi, hereby declare my candidature for the position of governor of Nairobi in the upcoming by-election. Volunteers are welcomed,” he declared via his Twitter handle.