ODM MPs challenge DP Ruto to declare interest in dams

Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has dared Deputy President William Ruto to declared his interest in the controversial dams under investigations over sh21 billion scam.

“For reasons that are difficult to fathom but that are anyone’s guess, the Deputy President has taken over the role of spokesman for Arror, Kimwarer and Etare dams and the various ministries involved”, seven and a former ODM MPs said in a statement below.


As members of Parliament, we are appaled at the reaction by Deputy President William Ruto to revelations that the country lost billions of shillings through shadowy and even criminal procurement in a bid to build dams in various parts of the country.

For reasons that are difficult yo fathom but that are anyone’s guess, the Deputy President has taken over the role of spokesman for Arror, Kimwarer and Etare dams and the various ministries involved.

For a start, the revelations about the grand theft in the name of these dams did not come from the Opposition as Ruto claims. They came from the government in which Ruto serves as DP.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has confirmed that it is indeed investigating the loss of upto Ksh 21 billion in construction of dams.

To the utter shock of Kenyans, Mr William Ruto has taken it upon himself to explain this scam, making himself the spokesperson for ministries of Water, Agriculture and other affeced ministries.

Mr Ruto has gone ahead to provide his own version of the amount lost, “a mere Ksh7 billion” according to him, contradicting the DCI, the agency tasked with investigations in Kenya.

The DCI is investigating the loss of upto Ksh21 billion.

Even more shocking is the degree to which the DP has personalised this matter, blaming the revelations on the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

He seems to be craving “the good old days” when associates would steal in peace.

We are challenging the Deputy President to help Kenyans understand what his interest is in this corruption case that is making him take up the role of spokesman for ministries and contradicting the government .

We also challenge the Deputy President to explain to Kenyans whether he has faith in the capacity of the DCI to conduct investigations for the government and why he is interfering with the work of that agency which currently enjoys the confidence of the majority of Kenyans.

Similarly, we remind the Deputy President that he has no role in matters that bring together multiple government agencies as the current scandal is.

The role of coordinating government was officially handed over to a very competent Cabinet Secretary for Interior Dr. Fred Matiangi. Ruto must respect that.

Finally, we call on Ruto to separate his 2022 presidential ambitions from the desire by the people of Kenya for a clean and honest government.

Kenyans want a clean government and honest government and they want it now.

Kenyans will not suspend that desire so that Mr Ruto can be President.

Corruption must be fought today and not tomorrow. Ruto is either with Kenyans on this or he is against Kenyans, in which case, he is alone.

There are no two ways about it.


Hon. Anthony Oluoch…Mathare.

Hon. Caleb Amisi…Saboti

Hon. Teddy Mwabire…Ganze.

Hon. Florence Mutua…Busia.

Hon. Gladys Wanga…Homa Bay.

Hon. Godfrey Osotsi…Nominated.

Hon. Jared Okello…Nyando.

Hon. Timothy Bosire..National Treasurer, ODM


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