Our Services

Mass-Com Kenya Limited consultants is sited to Develop, Research, Train and
Articulate key to the communication needs of international initiatives, government , the private sector, the civil society with an interest in the Worlds development process.
Our objective of existence is based upon results-operated skills development, resource mobilization, advocacy and social development solutions for the improved and sustainable livelihoods.

                                Our Corporate Structure
In line with our work philosophy of ensuring high standards of service delivery,
Mass-Com Kenya Limited exists on the association of five core semi-autonomous
units as here shown that respond directly to the Managing Consultant which is geared towards maximizing our human resource base.

  1. Corporate communications and branding unit
  2. Media Support & Media consultancy Solutions unit
  3. Training, Research & Technical Skills Development unit
  4. Concepts Development & public relations designs unit
  5. Project profiling/documentation unit.

Mass-Com Kenya Limited has a reputable user friendly market oriented and
comprehensive target group index which forms the foundation of its products. The products are categorized under the units that handle them.

Mass-Com Kenya Limited offers first hand information that helps its customers to make decisions that are related to media. This helps them reduce an expense that is due to media brokers, or conmen / women. The consultancy services include:

  • Media costing consultancy

Media Support & Media Consultancy Solutions Services
Mass-Com Kenya Limited is in rapport with various media houses in ensuring customer satisfaction of their all media requirements. That include:

~ Media Surveys

~ Media buying and placements

~ Indoor advertisement.

~ Outdoor advertisement.

~ Advert concept creation.

~ Advertising awareness.

~ Advertising concept testing & screening.

~ Website development and maintenance.

~ Media interview management.

~ Press release.

~ Caption presentations.

~ Media Coverage.

~ Media Monitoring.

~ Media Research

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