About Us

Mass-Com Kenya Limited has been operating in Kenya as an Independent Media since 2003. It was registered in the year 2009 as Media Consultancy, Public Relations and Research Company that is based in Nairobi.

We understand our customers and the state of the country’s economy and thus intend to help in reviving the economy while giving our clientele pocket friendly, quality and reliable service that is crucial to his /her company success.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate property professionals with the relevant experience to match.

Why choose us

1. Experience in the media Industry

Mass-Com Kenya Limited professionals have worked in various media organizations and thus understand both the industry need and the gaps thus our
service are based on professional experience.

3. Reliability

Mass-Com Kenya Limited covers all sectors from energy, entertainment, mining, tourism and transport among other industries. It has developed an individual clientele relationship system where by every client is unique to us and thus treated as unique and important thus we care and ensure that reliability forms the foundation of our customer relationship. This ensures that clients do not miss any coverage.

2. Profession and innovation

Mass-Com Kenya Limited understands that knowledge of the market is very
essential that ‘ is why Mass-Com Kenya Limited has invested in profession and
innovative personnel to ensure reliability of knowledge disseminated to the clients.

4. Reporting

We know what you need to be able to demonstrate tangible result, by allowing you generate instant reports, Mass-Com Kenya Limited helps you to have and provide hard evidence of your PR success by doing analysis of the information monitored and then provide a detailed report on the market trends with some recommendations

Our Vision

To offer information solutions and control for fast, innovative and coherence to
enhance growth initiatives of organizations in the market. Mass-Com Kenya Limited shall be the complete information Service provider for local and global clients.

Our Guiding principles

Mass-Com Kenya Limited's believes values. Mission and visions are guided by the
following principles;
  • That the client is the focal point and all information must evolve around his needs.
  • That all our services: qualitative and quantitative must address relevance and benefit the customer and befit its objectives.
  • That our relationship with the client must be one of partnership.
  • That service provision should be cost effective to the customer.
  • That professionalism is key and we must always provide the client with pertinent advice even at the expense of a job!

Our Mission

To establish a market knowledge management system that will enable clients to predict the market trends for growth and empowerment.

Our Belief

Information is power that commands to networks the market.
At Mass-Com Kenya Limited, we place the power of KNOW HOW in your hands!


Events Coverage (Photograph & Video)
Documentary Productions
TV Commercial & Advertisement
Help in buying media spaces & airtime

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