Co-op Bank offers gifts to celebrate Customer week


 Cooperative Bank Headquarters in Nairobi.

By Reporter

This being the Customer Service Week, lucky winners are expected to go home with gifts as companies showcase their closeness to their customers.

The Cooperative Bank has not been left out and has designated a hashtag #WeThankYou with lucky numbers 45th and 60th as the winners of two phones.

The Bank has reached out to it’s customers inviting them to participate in the exercise during the week.

“It’s still customer service week and tuko in a generous mood. We have 2 phones that need new homes. All you have to do is tell us how will a new phone help you in your day to day activities. We’ll give two phones to the lucky 45th and 60th comment with the hashtag #WeThankYou”.

 Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

The 2020 Customer Service Week theme is Dream Team.

The theme reflects the importance of teamwork in providing outstanding service to all customers. If your team has embraced new work arrangements, if they are passionate about what they do, strive for excellence, adapt to change, and value teamwork, then your service team is truly a Dream Team ™ .

  • This year’s theme is colorfully illustrated in a red, blue, and gold logo and is imprinted on a wide-range of exclusive decorations, gifts, rewards, stress relievers, puzzles, handouts, and more for use during Customer Service Week 2020.

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