Kitany explains why she skipped Linturi’s burial in Meru

Cameras and journalists kept scanning the crowds overflowing the tent at Athi Primary School in Igembe South.
It was the funeral of Peter Linturi, 74, whose children include Meru Senator Mithika Linturi.
A few journalists would pace the compound and many were keenly scanning the live broadcast, looking for an important guest who never made it.
Marianne Kitany, the estranged wife of the senator, had indicated on Monday that she would make it to the funeral of a man she considered a friendly father-in-law.
Many who knew the couple in their happy days said Peter liked Kitany.In her tussle with Linturi, which is ongoing at the High Court in Nairobi, the senator described the former Chief of Staff at the Deputy President’s office as a visitor who overstayed her welcome.

Kittany said she kept off the funeral due to security concerns. She had wanted to attend the funeral but turned back after getting wind of possible violence.”I was informed that goons had been hired to block my entry and had I succeeded to gain entry, I would have been harmed,” she said in a statement.
Kittany was not mentioned in the obituary as Linturi’s wife.High School teacher Mary Kaimenyi was named as the wife of the third-term legislator.
In her statement Monday, Kittany spoke of the pain of losing her once father-in-law and missing his funeral.
“I have such fond memories of the times we spent together. For example, I remember taking him to Karen Hospital early last year together with my mother-in-law after they both fell sick. Thereafter they recuperated in my house in Runda [until] I decided to drive them back to Meru,” she recalled.
“On my way to Meru while taking them home after treatment, we were involved in an accident at Sagana. Luckily we all suffered minor injuries. In hospital he made jokes with me and my siblings, who were all in hospital to console us.”

She continued: “There is a lot more I could share in terms of fond memories with the Late Mzee. May his soul rest in peace.”


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