Kitui KPLC bosses on radar of Security Agencies over misuse of office

Kplc staff in action

By Correspondent

Kitui Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) officers are on hide and seek game with the company’s top most security agencies from headquarters over alleged office malpractices.

An alarm has been raised over alleged corruption, misuse of office, assaults among other numerous evils that are said to have been committed intentionally by two senior officers.

It has not lasted more than 4 weeks since the two senior officers were cornered and put on spot over misuse of their offices for their own personal benefits, which has derailed functioning of Kplc especially in Kitui County and its surrounding.

Members of the Fourth Estate had raised alarm over several issues that drew attention of Kplc top office and security agencies who set their both eyes on the two Kitui based Kenya Power employees.

“As we speak todate, the security agencies have spend several days and nights massively grilling the said officers to get the authenticity of what has been transpiring in the lighting parastatal”,said a source privy to the ongoing investigations.

Little known to the fraudulent officers, the Security Agencies have been tasked to bring to the book the suspects.

Our moles have unveiled to us that, Security agencies are so tough on them, such that the roggue officers have nothing to hide despite trying to ‘bribe’ with huge amounts of cash.

During grilling our moles confirmed, the Kplc bosses at Kitui defended themselves and, gave out excuses that are not known to anybody other than themselves.

The two bosses tried to fix other Kenya power and Lighting Company staff, which however didn’t bear fruits.

To give back the blow, Kenya Power staffs raised up more concerns which were not captured before, to prove the clueless bosses that they knew nothing other than misusing the office and staff.

Our sources have revealed some of the issues and concerns that the probe team have gone deep to investigate are;

  1. Kicking out of two members of the staffs without genuine reasons.
  2. On the issue of Naivas-Oilibya feeder road rerooting, our alarms were raised demanding a good and genuine prove that the re-rooted electricity posts were not in good state as claimed by the culprits held responsible for that shoddy activity.
  3. Why would the top two bosses lie to Security agencies that they changed the ‘Mulutu’ one phase transformer to three phase because of high demand of power from a lot of customers yet they did it because of the ‘Kitu kidogo’ they took from a single person in that case? They should explain who were these people.
  4. Demand for the concerned engineer (Naivas-Oilibya) ‘Design and Construction’ to produce a reference after survey which was to be presented to Kenya power, public is aware that there was a quotation of Ksh.850,000 which was to be paid to Kplc but it wasn’t. The Barron in charge of taking bribes is one Head of Kitui west feeder, who also serves as the PA to boss especially when they are on corruption deals.
  5. Why didn’t the CBM boss use Kitui team in re-rooting done on Naivas-Oilibya feeder road which is led by ‘Alhii’ (not his real name) and Rancez (not his real name also) and instead used Live Line team from Nairobi whose mandate is to re root 11kv line from Mutomo to Kitui?
  6. Why doesn’t the CBM boss pay Overtime and Luncheon to his staff? He stands for ‘no corporation’ for him to run with staff coins. This has brought electricity problems, shortages hence customers suffering. Especially on week days, when it reaches 5pm, all staff members in the Kplc parastatal put down their tools for work and let assumption, ignorance and arrogance from the top boss work on their behalf.

These are some of the issues that Security Agencies and Kenya Power head office should look at on a serious note. Kitui and its surrounding Kenya Power customers are crying for your help, Okoa Customers, inua Kenya power. Say no to ‘bribe’ from corrupt bosses, save your people.

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