Nairobi MCAs during a past session.
Nairobi MCAs during a past session.
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By Reporter
President Uhuru Kenyatta has invited 66 Jubilee MCAs from Nairobi County at State House on Saturday.

The invitation has been confirmed by the County Assembly Majority Whip June Ndegwa who sent the communication to the ward reps.

Ndegwa asked the MCAs to be seated by 8.45 am.

The summon comes ahead of Sonko’s impeachment motion that is set to be tabled on Tuesday next week.

Last week Makongeni MCA Peter Imwatok tabled a notice to impeach Sonko and accused the governor of a litany of misdeeds, ranging from abuse of office to corruption and violation of the Constitution, which were used as grounds for his removal from office.

The Jubilee side of the county assembly has had its own division and wrangles.

The latest one is over the looming impeachment of Sonko which has created further division.

Since last week, Sonko has been hosting a group of MCAs both Jubilee and a few from ODM at his Upperhill office.

Some of the anti-impeachment MCAs had vowed not to send their own governor home while the pro-impeachment legislators said there was no mind-changing in sending Sonko home.

The in house wrangles started from last year in October .

It started when county Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi made a comeback to the assembly with one group supporting her return and the other being against it .

The division further escalated when there was a change of leadership which saw the removal of Abdi Hassan as the majority leader, James Kiriba as deputy Majority leader, Waithera Chege as Majority Whip and Chege Mwaura as deputy Majority whip.

They were replaced by Charles Thuo, Millicent Mugadi, June Ndegwa and Hassan Abdikadir respectively.

The former leadership had been accused of being against Governor Sonko, intimidation of MCAs and against the comeback of Speaker Elachi

Sonko wrote to Jubilee’s Secretary-General Raphel Tuju requesting for the removal of Guyo as the Majority leader.

He suggested Hamza MCA MArk Ndung’u to replace him.

Sonko and Guyo had fallen out after the legislator condemned the county boss for suspended 16 county staff after the tragedy at Precious Talent Some.

MCAs have been calling for Parliamentary meeting where they would have a fresh election of their leaders, claiming a coup was done to bring the current leadership into power.

In January, Waithaka MCA Antony Kiragu on Monday claimed some ward reps had lost the trust of Majority Whip June Ndegwa and Deputy Majority leader Millicent Mugadi and wanted to remove them in leadership.

Ndegwa, however, described the plan as a witch hunt by MCAs who had a good rapport with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, citing that they want to get back to leadership.

Mugadi on her side had said they were being “punished for being in support of Speaker Beatrice Elachi.

The outcome of the meeting may determine Sonko’s fate in the County Government and also might bring unity and sanity to the Jubilee MCAs.

The embattled governor on Tuesday handed over key functions of the Nairobi County Government to the National Government in a ceremony witnessed by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House.

Sonko handed over the functions of the County to the National Government, pursuant to Article 187 of the Constitution.

The governor later said the agreement signed will not only help enhance service delivery in the city but will also reposition Nairobi as the economic hub of the region